Our core business is to separate “the Good from the Bad” - Filtration! Scapa International Pte Ltd is a leading solution provider for treatment of semi-solid waste using ceramic filter element up to 99.99% filtration efficiency and usable up to 1000 degree C. other hazardous waste such as industrial waste water sludge using filter belts in which SCAPA makes significant contribution to preserving a sustainable environment in keeping industry clean and efficient.

  • Keppel Seghers’ Plastic removal solutions:
    - Removes all plastics and rubber
    - Easy & safe removal
    - No part damaging
    - Short cleaning cycles
    - Optimised R.O.I.

  • Replacement Filter Elements For Over 500,000 Different Model Numbers
    with SCAPA, You can be assured of getting the Right Filter
    At The Right Time Every Time !


  • Keppel Seghers - Fluidised Bed Thermal Cleaning Machines for “stripping” plastics and paints that stuck on the screws and metal parts
  • Wickstead Tube Expanders for Heat Exchangers, Boilers and Condensers
  • Delair Compressed Air Dryers, Chillers
  • P&S Corrugator Belts for carton box manufacturers
  • COPELAND Zero Leakage Valves with 4 years warranty
  • TRISTAR TUBE Testing Equipment (PNEUMATIC) - Tube Leak Detectors
  • Stainless Steel Plates, Carbon Steel Plates and Tubings
  • Silica Sands


  • Filter Cloths for Filter Presses, Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters
  • Filter Belts for Sludge Dewatering Belt Presses, and Dryer Ovens
  • Filter Sleeves, Bags for Dust Collectors
  • Ceramic Filter Elements/Candles for Incinerators Plants
  • Liquid Cartridge Filters & Membrane Filters for Reverse Osmosis Plants